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I can’t believe this is still here.

I’ve had this blog for many years, as far back as when blogs first started. I was curious and wanted to try it out, so I began experimenting with all kinds of features, videos, audio, and text. One of my favorites was the ability to just call a phone number, enter a code, and I could record an audio post.

I may just keep doing that.

Or I may just write gibberish.

Nobody is going to see this anyway. (Except you 🙂

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned. You never know what might happen!







It’s amazing how fast a year can go by.

Well, just because I haven’t posted here doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy doing other stuff. (I know, I shouldn’t have mentioned it because you probably didn’t even notice the dates anyway.) I’m going to still keep this around because it does have some good stuff on it, and I can still experiment. So stay connected.

In the meantime, if you want to check out my latest effort, go to

That’s where the good stuff is. And I’ll be updating that too.

Stay curious.