Movement Making

Promotion is King

“Without promotion, something terrible happens…


That’s a quote from P.T. Barnum, one of the greatest marketers and promoters ever. If you’ve seen the Movie, “The Greatest Showman” you’ll know his story.

One of the ‘rest of the story’ stories that is not fully portrayed in the movie is that when P.T. Barnum finally convinced Jenny Lind, a European opera singer, to come to the U.S, he realized that even though she was very famous in Europe, no one new who she was in the United States.

So, he went to work promoting her heavily in many newspapers before she even arrived in the United States, while she was on the boat on her way over. So when she arrived, she had 30,000 people gathered to meet her at the dock.

He then continued to promote her and she sold out every show. After a while, she thought she was so good that she didn’t need P.T. Barnum anymore, so she cut off her partnership with him.

After that, she couldn’t fill up any shows. And finally left the country without fame.

She thought it was because of her incredible talent that people flocked to see her, but in reality, it was the promotion of her by Mr. Barnum that produced her fame.

Nothing happens without promotion.

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