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Create to Create

Art begets art.

Creation creates more creation.

I’m learning that as I get on a regular routine of creation, or practice, I tend to want to create more. I’m developing confidence that I can create. I am a creator. Look, I do it every day. Oh, you want something else created? I can do that.

Of course, that’s my mind speaking to itself. When you’re doing it a bunch, and often, you know you can do it. And you can do more.

This is the real value of the practice.

Create, so you can create more.


How to be prolific

It’s true. You can have a blog and write every day and no one will see it.

You actually have to tell people about it. You have to advertise. But only if you want people to see it.

I’m not sure I’m there yet.

I do like people seeing my stuff and commenting and me being able to interact with them, but you know what it is? I don’t think this is good enough.

And that’s the Resistance talking.

This is just my scratch pad, my practice space. I’m not trying to be super wise, solve someone’s problem, be entertaining or interesting. I’m just writing, or talking something. Anything. Just so I can practice doing it every day.

Maybe someone will see it. Or maybe I’ll be brave enough to tell someone about it. Or maybe once I get the every day habit down, I’ll start a different one.

Or a bunch of them.

I could literally have 7 different blogs where I post once a week on each one by writing every day.

That actually sounds fun.

That would be being prolific.

But it would need to be seven different topics.

Well, watch out.

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Ping Pong Post


Connections Matter


Celebrate the Small

I had an interesting event happen today (well, a lot of them) that was significant in its own small way. Someone posted a comment on a post I shared on our corporate internal social network.

Now, for those of us who are active in these networks and communities, commenting on something is an easy, everyday occurrence. But for some people, they’d rather just read comments and not put themselves out there and say something, because of whatever reasons. Maybe fear of management, or of saying the wrong thing, or just being exposed and visible. They are all real fears, whether they are for us or not.

So, to have someone post a comment and say that this was their first comment ever on this platform because they really enjoyed the conversation and wanted to be a part of it, was a joy to me. I gave him immediate encouragement and kudos for posting, recognizing that it was a big step for him.

That is so key. If we want more people to participate, we need to make it welcoming and easy for them to do so. They need to feel that they are part of the group.

And that’s what I told him. He’s in the club now. People like us do things like this. And hopefully, he’ll now contribute even more.

That’s how we bring people to the party. Celebrate the small wins.

That was a win for me today.


Calling it in


I almost forgot

If you don’t have a trigger, you won’t do it.

A trigger is something you can connect your new habit to. If you already do something every day, then to start a new daily habit you can connect it to your existing habits. Whenever I do this thing, I’ll do this new thing right after it (or before).

So, I haven’t had a trigger for blogging every day. I was just going off of pure will and memory. Which is a weak strategy (especially for me.)

It kind of feels like midnight is my trigger. I have to get everything done before midnight. But that’s no good.

I started connecting my 750 words habit to the end of my workday. As soon as I finish work, I get to write.

I was sort of connecting my blog posting to my 750 word writing, but not really. If you’re working on a new habit it’s probably not a good idea to connect another habit to it, if you’re not consistent. But actually, I’m on a great streak for writing 750 words each day – 17 days in a row!

So, we’ll see what happens. It’s fun to keep up your streaks. Make it a personal challenge.


No Boundaries

It’s kind of fun to write when you don’t have any boundaries. I can write whatever I want here. There’s no common theme, no subject I have to go deep into. No rails to keep me on track.

Then again, there’s no theme, no subject to learn, and no rails to keep me on track. Which means it’s probably not very interesting to read.

And there’s the rub. Constraints make us better. They make us more creative and more focused.

But, let me remind you, if you couldn’t tell from my last 3 posts. My goal here isn’t to be interesting… yet. It’s to post every day.

That’s my one constraint.

And if it happens to be interesting to you sometimes. Bonus!

Thanks for reading.


A Try

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The Habit

Every day?

Do I really want to post every day?

I don’t know if ‘want’ is the right word. It’s more about the fact that writing or posting every day is the work of a professional. That doesn’t mean it’s the best or most professional product or output every day, but it’s the Practice that is the goal. So, I want to be a professional.

Creating something for the market to interact with every day is the work of a pro. And by doing it, I’ll get better.

Is it really that hard? It doesn’t have to be long or complicated. Something short takes effort too. But, it’s not the output that counts for me right now, it’s the habit.

So don’t judge.

This is for me right now. Excellent output will come later.

Baby steps.

Every day?



It’s Tomorrow


Testing Testing… audio

It sounds the same as the other ones. I thought a nicer microphone would help. It doesn’t. Oh well. You can still hear what I’m saying. And it’s super easy to post.

You can’t have everything… where would you put it?


Online Real Estate

What a hot mess!

I’m describing my online real estate.

That is the space you own on the internet. There are many places you can show up on the internet, in all the social media platforms and communities, but you don’t own those. They could pull it all down anytime.

Now, it’s not likely that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are going away real soon, but if you don’t remember, Google had an awesome platform called Google+, which they totally brought down. You’d think of all companies, Google, the powerhouse, could compete in that space. Well, they did. But I guess not good enough. I really don’t know why. I loved my ‘Circles’. But it was a business decision. Something about strategy and direction and the number of users they were able to attract.

You don’t have any control over that.

But you do have control over a domain name you purchase and a web site you purchase. I suppose the companies you purchase them from could go down too, but it’s different. You’re paying for a service.

So, I’ve been digging around, trying to find all my old web sites, domain names, blogs and such. It’s funny when you start things, then try something new, and then try a different thing. I guess I’m too much of a squirrel.

But that’s the new digital economy, the new industrial revolution, the information economy, or whatever they’re calling it. We have so many new tools now (the last 10 years) to do new things.

And I like new things.

But what’s old is new.

So, I’m coming back to this blog. I spruced it up a bit and decided to post in here more often. Because this is my most enduring space. Even though I’m not thrilled with the domain name, it still works. And I’ve got some great stuff in here in the archives… going all the way back to 2008!

I may spruce up some other real estate too, and maybe buy some new space, but I’m starting with The Rex Blog.

Because there’s no other blog like it in the world! 🙂


Write to write

When you want to write something and don’t know what to write, the best thing to do is…


Seth says there’s no such thing as ‘writers block’. It’s like saying you have talkers block. Do you ever get the experience that you just can’t talk because you have nothing to say?

Sure, you can choose not to talk because you don’t have anything meaningful to say, but it’s a choice. Not some ethereal thing that is forcing you to not talk.

It’s the same with writing.

That’s what I did just now.

I didn’t know what I was going to write. So I started writing that idea that I had learned from Seth Godin. Everyone knows something about something. Pick a subject.

The problem is that we don’t think it’s good enough. That’s why we choose not to write. That is what blocks us. So it’s more like perfectionism block. Or insecurity block.

But writing is like speaking. You know how to open your mouth, push the air through and form words with your lips and tongue. You also know how to push on little buttons that have letters on them in a certain order to create words.

Just do that.

Zebra. Jack-o-lantern. Purple. Wind. Meaning. Help. Curious. Love.

See, I did it.

It doesn’t have to make sense.

You could probably put words in a better order than that.

In fact, the job of choosing words, and putting them in an order that makes sense is what you have to do when you talk. So, that is not unique to writing. Writing is just a different medium to transfer meaning using words.

So if you think you have writers block. Just start talking. Then transfer that to text.

There’s no such thing as talkers block.