Shared Experience


The best way to build tight relationships is to share a stressful experience or accomplish a great feat together.  Then what can you do with tight relationships? 

Just about anything.

So just don’t talk about teamwork.  Lead a team to make something happen, then you’ll have a great team.  Great – meaning you’ll have built a foundation of tight relationships that enables the team to do the impossible.

3 replies on “Shared Experience”

So true about how to build/create tight relationships. So often managers focus on “team-building” activities but are reluctant to go after a bold goal or as you put it, a great feat. They hold back and take the safe route and the team is never challenged to do anything difficult or great. In fact, the group may often never become a real “team”.

Thanks for the comment Craig. Now I have proof that I have a reader. And that motivates me to write more. There’s so much to learn from each other.

Yes, the real ‘team building’ exercises are when what you produce really matters – there’s actually some risk and stress involved. Then, when you come through it together, you’ve bonded at a deeper level.

Now I’m looking for your blog to comment on. Someone who is actually a talented writer.

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