Is there too much to learn?

I was going to tell you about one presentation on a site called , a place where people can share their presentation slides, but being curious, I found a whole bunch more that looked interesting, so I spent all my time watching cutting edge presentations instead of posting a blog entry.

But I couldn’t quit without accomplishing my goal – to add a new post no matter what.  So here it is. And here are the presentations you should checkout on . (NEWSFLASH: Power Point bullets are out, cool pictures are in.)  Check these out and change the way you give your next presentation.

Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us  by Seth Godin.  It’s really helpful to have the notes for this one (which means you need to create a slideshare account – easy, email and password)

Brain Rules: What all presenters need to know

Sample slides by Garr Reynolds

These are only 3 examples, but as you’ll see, they’ll suggest a bunch of related presentations, that if you’re curious, could keep you going for a long time.

Have fun and keep learning!

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