Do You Want to Learn?


Do you really want to learn something? 

Then the first step is to realize that you don’t know everything. That might be easy and obvious at an overall, general level, but let’s take it down to a specific level.  It means that you might not know what to do in a certain situation.  It means that you may not be right, that your way is not the only way.

That, my friend, is humility.

Many see this virtue as a weakness, void of power, but tell me who has true power with the people around them, a know-it-all who tells everyone what to do and has all the answers, or someone who is willing to listen to others and is open to being influenced, or in other words, learning something?  Who do people want to be around and will gladly assist or follow?

Humility will gather willing followers, and thus true power.

Can we say “I don’t understand” and really mean it, in a way that says we want to understand?  In other words, can we admit that we don’t know everything?  

When we can take that first step, only then can we begin to learn.

One reply on “Do You Want to Learn?”

Ah yes. One of the reasons I love my birthday is the recognition that >>the more I know, the more I know I don’t know.<< Thus, being older just brings more things to know.

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