One cool dynamic about blogs, if they’re done right, is that you’re not getting too much information at a time.  Each post only takes a few minutes or seconds to read and only contains one concept.  By itself, one post doesn’t really do much.

But if they keep coming,

every day,


over time,


they add up,


to a lot.




Like a drip of water, it doesn’t mean much, but a few drips combined together can make a trickle,which is more noticeable. 


A bunch of trickles together create a flood.flood-640x48-cut


 A flood is something that is powerful and can change anything in its path.

Yet it’s made of the same thing as a drip.

You can make small changes in your life, or in the world,

that when done consistently,

over time,


can make a HUGE impact.


This was the idea that some of my friends wanted to spread, so they started a movement called 

Check it out.  And be a drip.  Create a flood.


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