Is that really you?

One of the most important traits for a leader is ” authenticity.”  There are so many books that give you the techniques, what you should do , or what you should say in certain situations.  But if you are using someone else’s phrase,  and don’t sincerely mean what you are saying, then others will pick up on it immedately (or eventually.)

Learning principles helps to avoid this problem, because you are not given the exact prescriptions.  Principles are core ideas or concepts, they contain the underlying reasons or truths that explain why things work the way they do.

If you live by principles that you believe in, then your attitude and actions towards others will be seen as who you really are.  This genuine authenticity gives you more credibility.  People can almost predict what you will do  in certain situations because they know your values (or what’s important to you.)  This develops trust.

And trust can propel a movement.

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