Ideas, Money, and ???

What do you need for economic stimulus?

First you need business ideas that will generate income and make money for the owners and employees.


Seth Godin and some friends provided 999 ideas.  That should be enough to get started.

Next, you need some seed money to make them happen.


Billionaire Mark Cuban has plenty of money for funding new businesses and he wants to give it away, but he has laid out specific rules and stipulations for the type of business he is looking for.  That’s okay because it’s his money and beggars can’t be choosers.

What else is needed?

Oh yeah… hard work. 

That’s the missing link.  

So it looks like we have unlimited money and ideas available, we just need the tough sweat equity work to make things happen.  Then we don’t need an economic stimulus package, we need a hard work stimulus package.

Let’s go do it.

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