Get Published!

Have you ever thought about publishing your own book?

Does it seem just out of the realm of possibility for you?

Well, break that old mindset my friend, because this is the 21st century and self publishing is here for everyone!

Wouldn’t it be the coolest thing to see your book on the shelf, with your name in big letters as the author?  That can easily happen without you having to sell one copy (although you might want to buy one for yourself.)

Self publishing is getting to be big business with multiple sites offering a variety of resources and services:

Arbor Books
Self Publishing

There are even a truckload of books about self publishing. (Ironically, those seem to be the most popular.)

So there’s really no excuse to not create your own book these days.  Except of course, you don’t have anything to write about.  But that’s absurd.  Everyone has a story.  You’re creating one right now, by your choices.  And everyone can choose to create the life story they want to be told.

So create it.  Then publish it.

Or, publish something, so it becomes part of your story.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about one of my friends who published her own book.  She has an amazing story.  Plus, her content is super useful and relevant for many people these days (everyone really.)

I was completely inspired and motivated.  And I think you will be too, when you read her book.

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