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Hey everyone!  (both of you)

I’ve started a new blog:

But that doesn’t mean I won’t still be posting here, maybe just not as often. (But how can I be less often than I am now?)  Ok, forget that.  Maybe I’ll be posting here more often, just so I can drive traffic over there. 

But I’m not making any promises.  You’ll just have to keep checking back.

So what the heck is “grootship”?

I’m not even going to tell you.  You’ll have to watch my launch video and then go read the blog page that answers the question.

I’m going to shoot for a post every day over there, excluding weekends.  Pretty ambitious, I know.  Some of them are going to be really short.

I just wanted to start something that I have a little bit of experience in, not an expert, just some experience, and that I think is fun and worthwhile.

(And yes, I made up that word.  Is that cool or what?  You can too at

So come learn how to practice good grootship.

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