Hiring & The Potter’s Wheel – A Book Review

I don’t even hire people, but I was completely captivated by the entire story that Phil Wrzesinski tells in his book “Hiring & The Potter’s Wheel: Turning Your Staff Into A Work of Art”.

Everyone wants to be on a ‘dream team’, where all the players are absolutely fantastic and everybody gets along.  But usually at work, ‘you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit’ (sorry, parent saying) which means that not everyone is perfect and you have to learn to deal with certain conflicting personalities.

That may still be true, but if you have the task of hiring, you certainly have a major influence on the overall character of your team, although it’s not as easy as just picking all your best friends.

First you have to start with the raw ingredients at the right amount and without impurities.  Phil’s detailed pottery analogy enables you to reach a deeper level of understanding about people and the process for bringing them on board.  Pottery is one of those subjects that everyone thinks they know something about but most don’t realize the specific intricacies involved in creating a quality piece of pottery.

Profound learning doesn’t require a lot of words, just the right ones.  And this book has them.  It’s small enough to sit and read during a lunch hour, yet deep enough to go back and study multiple times.  With 10 clearly laid out lessons, Phil packs powerful insight into a few pages.

Even if you don’t currently hire people, the lessons in this book provide basic principles that will help your interactions be more effective, no matter what you do.

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