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I admit I haven’t listened to all your audio posts. So if you’ve covered this content and I missed it, I apologize.

I’ve been thinking about accountability. I love having to be accountable to someone else for things that I’m supposed to do. I exercise more if I have to arrange carpools to gym class with friends. I clean more if people are coming to visit my home. I study my scriptures more if I am teaching a lesson on a subject. If there’s someone to report my progress to I am much more likely to make progress. (Here’s where I should insert some meaningful challenge or question or conclusion, but I got nothin’. So…discuss.)

Perfect, Leslie!
I haven’t covered this at all, so thank you for your insight. Yes, accountability is key for making significant changes. I completely agree.
And this isn’t the same as micromanaging. It make look the same, but this is a completely different view. Because you understand the importance of accountability and how it helps you, you are choosing to report or be accountable to someone else for your actions.

This concept needs to be taught in the workplace. It makes so much sense for exercise and personal growth examples like you’ve listed, but for some reason we can’t translate it to the progress we need to make on our projects at work.

And now you’ve just given me the basis for a new presentation. Thanks Leslie. You do got somethin’.

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