My Amazing Family. (by older brother, Cris)


3 replies on “My Amazing Family. (by older brother, Cris)”

Thanks for posting this, Cris. That was awesome. Our family is always an interesting topic to talk about. It was perfect.

And thanks for being adventurous and willing to try out something new. That’s all it takes sometimes – experiment!

It was fascinating! Good to hear Chris’s voice (that’s your brother’s name, right?), and to hear how Scott’s doing. I remember him telling me once about his long hair. He claimed that one of the ways you could tell he was a legitimate musician is because of his long hair. (or something like that). I think hair standards have changed a lot in the last two decades, but he’s legit no matter who else has long hair these days. (I’m hitting post even though I think this is pretty muddled. I”ll blame it on lack of sleep and jetlag.)

Thanks for the comment, Leslie. It wasn’t muddled at all for me. Yes, Scott still has long hair, except now he has some serious dreadlocks. He’s had them for quite a few years now. (And these are very clean dreadlocks, he takes special care of them.) They got so long that he even had to cut a foot or so of them off because he almost crashed his motorcycle when he couldn’t move his head due to sitting on his hair.

He’s still the ultimate performer. Check out these videos:

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