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Aw, c’mon. I’m sure more people listen than you think. They’re just too shy to comment. But thanks for the personalized post!

Christian performed with Spire Chorus and Orchestra in their Utah premiere of “Lamb of God” at the Tabernacle last Friday night. He is in the East Valley Mormon Choral Organization (EVMCO) which sang that piece for its Arizona premiere.

Click to access Concerts%20April%202011.pdf

You can listen to samples of “Lamb of God” at the link below. (Click on the Preview tab.) I’d highly recommend it as an Easter prep tradition.

That is so cool! How awesome that Christian is part of that group! I’m totally impressed. (But how does he sing without me standing next to him?) Just kidding. I’m sure there are other people in the choir 😉 I guess my musical influence rubbed off (well, his parents probably had some influence too.)

I’m not even doing anything that impressive. I had a short stint (about a year) of my dream job as ward choir director, but now just sing in the ward and stake choirs. Directing is still super fun for me.

Thanks for sharing, Leslie. I wish I was there for his performance. Give him a big wet sloppy kiss for me.

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