20 House Guests

2 replies on “20 House Guests”

So I’m guessing the relatives don’t listen to your blog? I’m sure you’re a great host, even if you have to stay at work a little later than usual. (Christian does the same thing when we have guests.)

Yeah, I didn’t quite tell them about it, but I wouldn’t mind. They knew I went to work to escape (plus, I had no choice since I used up all my vacation days.) It was quite the party.

Even though they were all brothers and sisters and cousins, who knew each other quite well, they still weren’t used to all living in the same house together. But we made it work and had fun. Nothing major was broken and I haven’t heard any complaints from the Home Owners Association about the disturbing bedlam in the neighborhood.

(Except the day after they left, my daughter knocked the TV on herself, ripping the cable out, puncturing the air mattress, and leaving a big gash in the floor.) (She didn’t get hurt.) (Oh, and my wife left the moon roof open in our new car overnight during a rain storm.)

But other than that everything was fine.

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