There’s something I can’t tell you…

I love the intro and exit music because it sounds like complete garbage.

It’s my way of standing out from the crowd.

6 replies on “There’s something I can’t tell you…”

Yep, I knew there was something different about audio. It’s one step between text and video.

Maybe this is preparing me for the next level of doing a video blog , as soon as it becomes just as easy. When Google+ auto-uploads my phone videos like it does my pictures, I’ll be ready.

Up-front & transparent? More like mean. (I love hearing secrets…but not waiting to hear them!)

And I’d label it more of a maniacal giggle than a cackle.

Maniacal is a good descriptive word. I wouldn’t have thought of that one, but I’ll agree with it.

I really did feel pretty evil saying that. Sorry about that.

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