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We founded the NCAE (Northern California Association of Entrepreneurs) as a mastermind group. Now that we’re in Jersey, Sue announced last night that she’d like to start one here. I’ve missed it.

Put down the apple and drive.

What kind of apple? I love northern apples like honey crisps and Macintosh. Found a farmer’s market where we can get honey crisps for 70 cents a pound instead of the $2.49 they cost in the stores.

Ooh, that sounds official. I guess creating a serious acronym gives you some kind of credibility. Hey, whatever works.

It’s actually a Gala apple. Honey crisps are good too. That’s a good price.

I think it did give credibility, to those who joined, but after while, it transmogrified into something else. Nobody seemed to want to share challenged, they wanted to watch a presentation and go home. Dunno if they were expecting a lead sharing group or what.

This time, I wanna find folks who are willing to mastermind, not just sit and watch.

Interesting dynamic, Joel. Yeah, you don’t want to necessarily screen participants to find the right ones. Maybe you give them assignments and tests, then if they don’t like it they’ll leave.

Natural selection is the best. Give those who participate more connection, more info, more privilege, and those that don’t, give them less until they’re essentially out.

That sounds great, Frances. It’s pretty easy these days to start one up. Maybe the hard part is finding the best kind of people.

But you definitely can’t find them if you’re not looking.

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