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Facilitator or Presenter? Which one are you?

2 replies on “Facilitator or Presenter? Which one are you?”

The camera is on the steering wheel? No wonder your videos make me nauseous.

No, that’s not what I meant. The movement, not the content.

Long ago, in music, I realised that many bass players are really frustrated guitarists. There are eleven million guitar players within 100 feet of you at any given time, and about two bass players, so, they switch so they can find a band.

Then, they think that because they’re playing a guitar, that it’s the same thing. And it’s not. Bass is the foundation, guitar is layered on top of it. Rarely do they play the same thing; that’s not the point.

When we’re performing one role when we’re supposed to be filling a different role, even a subtly different role, we’re ineffective and others aren’t served. (When bass players start playing leads or competing with the guitarist, music dies an ugly death.)

Great analogy, Joel.

I hope I’m not a frustrated guitarist. Although I actually might be right now (metaphorically speaking), I plan to be able to play both in the future. Is that possible?

(My brother can.)

(…actually play both instruments, and a bunch more.)

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