Take Some Mini-Risks

I was wrong. Yes, it was Jonathan’s blog, but he had a guest writer, Emilie Wapnick. So it’s her story and ideas I remembered (Sorry Emilie.)

7 replies on “Take Some Mini-Risks”

Mini-risks sound like just my speed. Thanks for the encouragement to try something new. Have a great day! (And fix that crack already!) 😉

Well Leslie, the encouragement is mutual. Thanks for your encouraging comment. It’s amazing how encouraging comments are.

(yeah, I should probably fix that before I get pulled over. Although that would make for some exciting video.)
(Actually, my main motivation for fixing the crack is so that it doesn’t interfere with my video footage.)

Hey Rex,

No worries about the mix up. Your video’s awesome anyway! Actually, it’s a pretty big complement that you mistook my writing for Jonathan’s. I’ll stack that to today’s mini-wins. 🙂

Thanks for being so gracious, Emilie. I was going to try and edit it, and do a voice-over with your name, but I kept saying ‘he’ throughout, so it wouldn’t have worked. I almost was going to scrap the whole thing because it showed how off I was, but I decided to take a mini-risk, feel uncomfortable, and let it fly. (with proper attribution by text.)

Thanks for your great advice. It really did sound like something Jonathan would write. (Maybe that’s why he let you write it 🙂 But he’s a nice guy too. I met him in New York once.

And thanks so much for the comment. We have a small audience here (all 3 of us) but I’m just practicing to get ready for a big launch in the future.

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