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Shooting Practice (it’s not what you think)

2 replies on “Shooting Practice (it’s not what you think)”

“Comming” ? Okay, you know how to spell, but if someone doesn’t point it out, you might not notice.

Perfect is the enemy of shipping.

Interviews are tough, because you have to blather long enough to get people relaxed. First 15 minutes are wasted time, because they’re freaking out.

Glad you posted this, Rex. Embrace imperfect. It’s hard, but it’s good.

Northwest: the only independent coffee shop in Rice Lake Wisconsin closed today so the owner could move to Seattle to pursue her coffee career.

I don’t know what you’re talking about, Joel. Looks fine to me.

(Thanks for the tip. It was really late.)

Yep, perfection stops me from shooting and shipping.

That’s funny about your coffee shop moving. I’m not sure that’s the best plan. You heard about Tully’s going bankrupt and getting bought out didn’t you? Their most profitable shops were inside the Boeing factory. There’s always a long line. They had all kinds of good fruit drinks, pastries, and lunch stuff. It’s the happening hang-out place. I think productivity has probably gone way down.

So I have no idea why they went bankrupt. I just know that a new coffee shop will have a hard time finding a street corner that doesn’t already have one on it.

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