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Episode 11- Maps are Awesome!


2 replies on “Episode 11- Maps are Awesome!”

More drag letting the air flow through the pipes than bouncing off a cover?

I love maps on every level. The function, the beauty, the paper of an old one, the math and science behind cartography. Cool stuff.

Yeah, it’s one of those non-intuitive things. It’s called surface drag, so any wind just touching a surface causes a certain amount of drag. So when you have a truck full of pipes, all of the surface inside each pipe is causing drag too, so there’s just a whole lot more surface to drag on.

And when you compare a truckbed full of pipes in a wind tunnel (using straws 🙂 verses even a flat front end, the flat block does better. Strange but true.

I didn’t explain it very well in the video, sorry.

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