Who Knew?

Who knew I’d start writing again?

I did.

I’ve always thought about writing. In fact, I have been writing… in my journal, with paper and pen. I like that kind of writing.

Recently, I started writing on It’s a site that encourages you to write 750 words every day. It has all kinds of metrics and tracking, and a nice blank space for you to write whatever you want. And it’s private. I only missed 4 days last month. I’m going for a full month streak this month.

But it’s private. This is public. This is a totally different world. Someone could possibly read this. (Although very unlikely.) So I write a little bit differently. A little more calculated. Even if it is mostly drivel 🙂

I need a place to experiment. So this is it. It’s what I’ve been doing with this blog for 10+ years. (Well, maybe I’ve taken long breaks within those years.)

When I start another serious blog, I’ll let you know. Meanwhile, you can hang out here, that’s fine with me.

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