Online Real Estate

What a hot mess!

I’m describing my online real estate.

That is the space you own on the internet. There are many places you can show up on the internet, in all the social media platforms and communities, but you don’t own those. They could pull it all down anytime.

Now, it’s not likely that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are going away real soon, but if you don’t remember, Google had an awesome platform called Google+, which they totally brought down. You’d think of all companies, Google, the powerhouse, could compete in that space. Well, they did. But I guess not good enough. I really don’t know why. I loved my ‘Circles’. But it was a business decision. Something about strategy and direction and the number of users they were able to attract.

You don’t have any control over that.

But you do have control over a domain name you purchase and a web site you purchase. I suppose the companies you purchase them from could go down too, but it’s different. You’re paying for a service.

So, I’ve been digging around, trying to find all my old web sites, domain names, blogs and such. It’s funny when you start things, then try something new, and then try a different thing. I guess I’m too much of a squirrel.

But that’s the new digital economy, the new industrial revolution, the information economy, or whatever they’re calling it. We have so many new tools now (the last 10 years) to do new things.

And I like new things.

But what’s old is new.

So, I’m coming back to this blog. I spruced it up a bit and decided to post in here more often. Because this is my most enduring space. Even though I’m not thrilled with the domain name, it still works. And I’ve got some great stuff in here in the archives… going all the way back to 2008!

I may spruce up some other real estate too, and maybe buy some new space, but I’m starting with The Rex Blog.

Because there’s no other blog like it in the world! 🙂

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