New and Old

This is garbage too, but I’m making it happen.

I’m sitting in my room at a Holiday Inn Express in Ontario, Oregon, on my way home from a quick, but significant trip to Utah.

My daughter was married.

That’s a real thing for a father to ‘give away’ his daughter. It’s not that I own her, it’s just a transition from primarily being in our family to starting her own family. The groom is a wonderful man who loves her and that’s all a father could want.

It’s a big change and new adventure for all of us.

To gain something new sometimes you have to give up the old.

And I’m glad.

2 replies on “New and Old”

Well shit. That had substance. And yet you labeled it as garbage in the first three words. Those are your feelings, dude. Take some credit. That’s the thing with you “God” people. You thank ‘Him’ all the damn time when it was you who made good things happen. And instead of wondering why “god punished you” and feeling slanted in some way, you should take responsibility for what is tantamount to a poor decision somewhere before the incident. Trust me on this. We may not believe the divine is from the same sources anymore, but that doesn’t we don’t still learn stuff from each other. We still know stuff. And I’ve had some psych training living on the east coast. And this is the knowledge I bring. Walk tall, Baby Bro. Look inward. You matter and you’re doing it right. Own that shit!😎You nailed it sideways down there. Zach is tribe now. Find out everything you can about his crew. That’s what’s next. And write about it. And then we learn it. Love you, Holmes.❤️

Thanks big Bro. When I started writing I didn’t know what I was going to write, I was just trying to post something before midnight, so I thought it might be garbage. But then after I finished writing, it turned out pretty good. I probably should have gone back and edited the first sentence. But I didn’t. You’re right, I should give myself some credit. Thanks for the big brother advice.

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