Pandemic Gap

Well, here’s another indicator of what the pandemic did to people. You’d think that because we were isolated and couldn’t go anywhere that there would be more posts on a blog. Nope. I guess not.

It was a weird time (and still is) that caused a lot of strange behaviors. I’ve still kept up a daily writing habit on but just didn’t think to post on this blog much. I guess by looking at my last post, the audio post about the Movement Method you can see that I was working on something else. It was an online course. Well, that stalled too.

But I’m back on it! I did shoot some video, and then stalled. Now I’m finally editing the video. Then I’ll have to figure out where I want to publish it and how much I want to charge for it, etc. So, there’s still a lot to do, but I’m back on it again.

And this blog just happened to come to my memory again. It totally disappeared off my radar. I guess if no one is reading it, and I don’t get any feedback, it’s like it never happened. So maybe that’s why I forgot it.

Or, I had bigger plans with some new fancy web site.

We’ll see.

I’ll let you know.

Maybe 🙂

Thanks for reading.

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