Something Something

Whenever I need to write something and don’t know what to say, I usually just start writing and it comes out. So here it is! You like?

I know there are multiple subjects I could write about, and since this blog isn’t necessarily focused on any one topic, that means I can write whatever I want!

Of course, that makes it harder.

My mind likes to wander.

I end up thinking about a whole bunch of random topics that wouldn’t be relevant for a blog post. (But maybe they are.) It’s still hard for me to write. But it’s good exercise. Writing in public is totally different than writing in a private space where no one sees it.

It causes you to be a better writer.

So maybe I should be posting every day.

We’ll see. I’ve said that before here.

Need a new habit.

What do you do every day?

Thanks for being my habit.

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