There is no time

Every time I write, it seems like it’s months apart (I mean, mostly because it is.) But actually, when you read them all together, one after another, it doesn’t seem like months apart, it’s instantly together, just minutes apart. Because, you see, when you read stuff, time has no meaning around when you wrote it. It’s only all together for you to read all at once.

I could have written this sentence a lot later than the paragraph up above. Or, I could have written it first, and then moved it to be after the paragraph. You only see the final version.

That’s the same with blog posts that are read one right after another. If there wasn’t a date, you wouldn’t be able to tell when they were written.

So, I should stop saying, “Whoa, it has been a while since I’ve written in here… every. single. time.” (It’s still true, and it’s funny to me how I forget about this blog in streaks, consistently.)

Thanks for reading. Again.

Keep paying attention (every so often 😉