Curiosity Kills…And Why You Should Subscribe to The Rex Blog


Attention: Jim Kukral

Hey Jim, listen to this.

Everyone else, go buy Jim’s book, Attention: This Book Will Make You Money.

It just might.


Control your Spending

Hey everybody, have you seen this, or this, or have you checked out this one yet?  I’m sure you’ve ran across this and this.

Well, I did.  Just in the last hour or so.  But what I really wanted to do was write a good post for this blog. 

I just blew my wad.  I had a big pile of currency (attention) and I spent it all on that stuff.  Yea, I got something in return, but was it worth more than a good juicy post?  I don’t know. (Can I even write one of those? Maybe this was it, if you liked one of those links.)

The point is that it is way too easy to spend the new currency these days.  The web is a distraction magnet, a black hole, or maybe an enormous cave of wonders.   But we just can’t say “I’ll have one of everything.” There will never be enough currency.

So, if you have a problem “paying attention” to the the things that matter most to you, maybe it’s time to set up a budget.

I sure need one.