Christmas Day

Merry Christmas!

I know there are other holidays around this time, and I really hope people enjoy all their different holiday traditions and celebrations.

It’s okay to say ‘Happy Holidays’ during this time to people because you don’t know exactly what they celebrate.

But today, you can say Merry Christmas, because that’s the holiday today. Even if you don’t celebrate it for religious reasons, it is a national holiday.

Christmas has an interesting history, with all kinds of changes and influences over the years, but I’d just like to recognize the original reason:

that a virgin gave birth to a child per some specific prophecies written in ancient texts. And even though that seems fantastic, the child grew and did some other things that are even more fantastic. And even though the religious sects and government at the time rejected his claim, the message of who he was, which matched prophecies in ancient writings thousands of years earlier, continued to spread throughout the world. And now, a couple thousand years later, most of the world continues to believe in this message, that something divine occurred on a silent night in a no-name town called Bethlehem.

I believe it too.

And it matters.


The Night Before

Twas the night before Christmas…

And I’m wrapping presents.

Although, I could probably do this in the morning because my teenage and young adult children will sleep-in tomorrow until about noon.

So we’ll have an afternoon Christmas.

That’s okay. We’re glad they’re home and happy.

Merry Christmas!