My Three Words for 2022

I’ve done this before. Every year in fact, since around 2010. I got the idea from Chris Brogan back then (here’s his post for this year. Read that for a good explanation of the process)

But just because I’ve done it every year doesn’t mean I’ve been super successful with the execution throughout the year (isn’t that with everything?). Still, it is a great exercise to determine what is important to you for that year. I think it works better than resolutions. It sets the intention of goals and resolutions.

And often, after I may have forgotten them for a little a while, in the middle of the year, I will find them posted somewhere, or remember them and they will help me reset and focus on what I wanted to improve that year. It helps distill your favorite principles so your goals have better direction. And they become your own personal code.

So, here are my words for 2022.

MOVE: The idea of moving is always helpful. It helps physically, and also conceptually with regards to tasks or projects. They can sometimes become stagnate or get stuck. So, if I’m focused on moving things along I should get more things done. I’m also focused on starting movements and helping others to start movements so ‘move’ is a reference to that also, along with exercise. It can also mean to move my perception. Maybe I just need to see something from another a ngle.

KINDRED: The definition of kindred is “a group of persons related to another”. So I want to make sure I find my people. Those who are kindred spirits, who believe in the movement I’m leading. Those who I have the pleasure to serve. If I can serve them well, I’ll be successful. Kindred can also remind me that we are all part of the same family of humans, and I believe children of loving Heavenly parents, so I should treat my fellow brothers and sisters with kindness and compassion. This word can also help me focus on my immediate family and think about how I can teach, nurture, uplift, and care for my spouse and children.

STREAMS: I like streams. They are pretty. And mesmerizing. I like to hike in them, stepping on rocks. But that has nothing to do with my word, except maybe I’ll try to find more streams to hike in this year. What I want this word to help me do is to build more streams of income. I have an excellent job, but I think I would have fun doing a side hustle, teaching people things that I’ve learned in my 25 years of corporate experience. So, I will be working on developing content and products that can be sold to those who might be interested. Things like online video courses, ebooks, paperback books, speaking gigs, and maybe consulting. I’ll explore a variety of ways to have additional streams of income. And they don’t have to be big, if there are a lot of them.

So there they are, my three words for 2022, Move Kindred Streams. They form an interesting phrase that doesn’t mean anything now, but might be code for something throughout the year. (Plus, it helps me remember them.) With these words guiding my actions, I plan to have an excellent, successful year.

Bring on 2022!