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One Day On Earth

Start here to see my contribution: and look in Everett, WA for “Hope in the Ground”.

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Think about it. What is one day on earth really like?

This is it.

Pretty awesome.






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The Importance of Story

When I was a kid, about 7 or 8 years old, word got out that for my birthday I wanted some Hot Wheels cars.  On that day, I had a big party with lots of friends over which also meant lots of presents.  I was so excited.

When I opened my first present, it just what I wanted, Hot Wheels cars! Perfect.  Next present, more Hot Wheels.  This was working out great.  The next one, Hot Wheels again!  I couldn’t believe my luck.

Then it happened, present after present, every single gift I received that day, all matched my desire: Hot Wheels!  It was like a dream come true…  except for one thing. 

It was too much. 

Sure, I wanted some Hot Wheels cars, but I liked other stuff too.  I didn’t necessarily want every present to be Hot Wheels.  Couldn’t someone be a little creative and think of something else?

It was one of the strangest birthdays I ever had.  I was excited and happy about what I received, but not quite fulfilled because the final outcome wasn’t really what I wanted.  I learned that very basic lesson of “be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it.” But to me it answered the question, “Is that all you want?”

Sometimes it takes an experience to really learn something.  And each experience is a story. 

We learn the most from stories.

Whether they are our own, or we read or hear them from someone else.  They are powerful.  And that is why they have been used for generations since the beginning of man to teach basic principles.

If stories have been so effective throughout time, then maybe we ought to use them more often today.  Well, some people do.

Some of us just need more practice.  Do you?  Will you?


Post inspired by Chris Brogan: