practice Thoughts

It Takes Time

This year, we chose to support our local tree farm, pay a little extra, and chop down our own Christmas tree.

It’s always a fun experience looking for just the right tree. Everyone has a different perspective on what is right for them, or their house, so it’s always a personal preference to find ‘the one’.

What’s interesting to me is the business model for Christmas tree farms. Here is something that took around 10 years to grow, and then you come let people cut them down in a few minutes. And in a few weeks your whole crop is gone.

We should have the patience of the Christmas tree farmer. Our success will not be overnight. Only after years of learning and unique experience will we have something valuable to offer the world.

Oh sure, it’ll have value before that time, but not as much. The price of the tree is determined by height.

And it’ll have different value for different people. You may be ‘the one’ for someone, but not for someone else.

The great thing about your value is that when someone uses it, it’s not gone. It’s still growing!

So sell your Christmas trees. Don’t cut them down.