Somethin’ New

They say, “Come up with somethin’ new
And everyone will buy it.”
So I came up with a paper umbrella,
But no one was willing to try it.

And then I came up with reusable gum.
It seemed such a pity to waste it.
Then I came up with some mustard ice cream.
Nobody bothered to taste it.
So now I’ve invented a plug-bottom boat.
It’s just what you need, there’s no doubt,
‘Cause if any water should ever splash in,
Just pull the plug – it’ll all run out.


By Shel Silverstein

We probably get a chuckle from some people’s ideas in the same way we might laugh about the ones in this poem. But a good leader will let others run with them and learn for themselves whether the idea is good or not.  If it doesn’t work, they’ll know soon enough.  


Leadership is about surfacing the internal motivation and drive from individuals, and the quickest way to squash that drive and loyalty is to say, “that won’t work.” 

One reply on “Somethin’ New”

Hi sweet baby boy! (and you’ll always be that) I will buy into you and your family’s blogs because I love you but I really don’t see sitting at the computer all the time reading and writing blogs when if you have a message to tell you can e-mail a friend or a bunch of friends and relatives all together. But then I’m from the “old school” and all these new contraptions are just tooooo much! I see you sit at the computer all hours of the day by the times posted — sometimes 3:00am or or 5:00 am or afternoon, etc. I’m too old to be sitting here soooo long! But you know I love you and will do it every once in a while. I’ve gone to Scott’s blog before (not for a while) and I’d sit there for an hour! So now I have to get hurrying to get ready to go swim, then Legacy Hall, then wedding present shop, etc. I’m telling ya, old is not fun! Love, love, love ya!

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