Happy New Year! (If you choose to make it that way.)

Well, here we go again. 

I’ll bet there are twice as many (or more) blog posts today than usual, just like there are a whole lot more workouts going on today, and diets starting, and new habits and routines, and just a bunch of good changes in peoples lives happening today.


Because the earth has turned 365 times and made one whole circle around the sun?

The thing about a circle is that there is no beginning and no end, so we are the ones who have drawn an artificial line in the sand of time somewhere on that circle the earth has traveled, and we’ve decided something special should happen when the earth crosses that line.

Well, the earth doesn’t care.  It just keeps spinning.  And every turn is the same as all the others.

But I must say, it is a pretty powerful line.

How else could we get almost every person in the world to decide to change their life for the better?  I don’t know.  But if it’s such a good thing to do, why can’t we do it more often?

All we need is for every person in the world to choose to be better all the time, whatever that means to them, and deep down, they know what it is.

It’s a matter of choice.  And we have that privilege every day.

So let’s all do make it a happy new year, and choose to be the person we know is better than what we are right now.

The earth will turn around again tomorrow.


Here’s a poem I wrote this morning as I thought about this subject.

New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day
a decade begins
but one just ended
after that second.

A line in the sand
drawn by time
is so monumental
and significant.

Ten years of history
reviewed before our eyes,
ten years of predictions
spewed from pundits minds.

New beings emerge
resolved to change their lives
with new habits, goals, and focus
to create a different kind.

So much change
occurs overnight,
a whole new world
appears in the light.

What causes this change,
a cycle of time
determined by the earth
moving along its lines?

Nay, but the minds of the people
who decided to choose
a new way of living
because they wanted to.

Can this desire be unleased
and we find a way
to change the world more often
than just on New Year’s Day?


Somethin’ New

They say, “Come up with somethin’ new
And everyone will buy it.”
So I came up with a paper umbrella,
But no one was willing to try it.

And then I came up with reusable gum.
It seemed such a pity to waste it.
Then I came up with some mustard ice cream.
Nobody bothered to taste it.
So now I’ve invented a plug-bottom boat.
It’s just what you need, there’s no doubt,
‘Cause if any water should ever splash in,
Just pull the plug – it’ll all run out.


By Shel Silverstein

We probably get a chuckle from some people’s ideas in the same way we might laugh about the ones in this poem. But a good leader will let others run with them and learn for themselves whether the idea is good or not.  If it doesn’t work, they’ll know soon enough.  


Leadership is about surfacing the internal motivation and drive from individuals, and the quickest way to squash that drive and loyalty is to say, “that won’t work.”