unique-leaf1Are you committed to being unique?

Being different than everyone else is one of the hardest things to do.  We all want to be accepted.  We all want to fit in.  Nobody wants to be ridiculed, or pointed out as odd, or talked about behind their back.

Yet, in order to be remarkable, you have to be just that, remarked about.  People have to talk about you.  You have to stand out from the crowd.

We are taking a risk when we become unique.  We will either be the kind of unique that nobody wants to be like or follow, or we will be the kind of unique that everyone wants to be like and follow, but they just didn’t have the guts to do it first.

That’s called leadership.  You are leading them to a better place, a better way of existing, a way that helps them fulfill their potential.  And that is the key to figuring out what kinds of things you can do to be the good kind of unique rather than the bad kind of unique that nobody wants to be around.  Are you setting an example for excellence and improvement?

It is difficult.  That’s why true leadership is so scarce.  And it takes commitment.  Commitment to a purpose and a vision for the kind of unique person you want to be.

Scott Ginsberg “The Nametag Guy” is a great example.  He decided that wearing a nametag makes you a lot more approachable.  So he decided to wear a nametag every day.  Now he has gone 2,991 days in a row wearing a nametag.  And if someone rips it off, he always has a backup.  At one point he became truly committed and had his nametag tatooed on his chest.  Based on his approachability concept he has written 7 books and is a successful entreprenuer and speaker.  His Nametag TV is an excellent collection of short instructional videos about a variety of business concepts.  One night I had a Nametag TV marathon because they were so good.

So “stick yourself out there” and be committed to being unique, the kind of unique that others want to follow.

3 replies on “Committed”

Hey! A famous guy commented on your blog. That’s cool. (I must admit, at first I thought it was your brother being cheeky.)

Yes, it really is him, but I think he has a tool that lets him know whenever someone references his web site, and it probably sends this automatic comment. There are a lot of clever tools out there these days.

But who knows, it could be more personal. I’ve sent him emails before, requesting free info from his web site. Some famous people actually respond to emails, like Seth Godin, albeit with very short phrases.

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