Stay Hungry

What does it mean to be hungry? 

It means that you have a craving or desire for substance that your body naturally needs to exist.  You want to take something that is outside of your body that has nutrients or stuff your hungry-chicksbody needs, and then consume it within your body so that the substance becomes part of you (then you get rid of the part you don’t need, but we won’t talk about that.)  Our body needs substance to live.  So if we didn’t have hunger, we probably wouldn’t feed ourselves enough to survive.  Hunger then is a critical, natural sensation that is built in to our body.

Does our body or being need other things beside food?  If things like love, companionship, and accomplishment are necessary for us to be a thriving, purposeful, contributing human being then it stands to reason that we might have a natural drive for those things as well.  But it appears that our natural drive to obtain those things isn’t as strong as our basic drive to eat.

Yet I believe those other drives still exist, we just need a little encouragement in that area.  Which is why I think the phrase “Stay Hungry” is the perfect analogy for a lesson we need to always keep in mind.  We need to keep the desire for improvement, progression, and accomplishment always in our minds as we do what we do in life – whether that is being a lawyer, a musician, an engineer, a stay-at-home mother or whatever.

But to be truthful, I didn’t come up with that phrase.  It was created by my friend Becky Blanton, an incredibly talented writer, entreprenuer, motivator and creative thinker who submitted “Stay Hungry” as part of a contest to come up with Lesson 7, the next lesson after the 6 Career Lessons of Daniel Pink, author of “A Whole New Mind” and his latest “The Adventures of Johnny Bunko“. 

Actually,  she needs your vote to win.  Go to this web site and click on “Stay Hungry” (if you think it’s the best one) before Jan 15th 2009.

Then stay hungry for learning, achievement, growth, or whatever you want in life, and make it part of you.  Eat.

2 replies on “Stay Hungry”

Interesting. I have found that I’m most hungry for things when I expose myself to them. Example: I ate almost no fat for a year or so when I was editing a fat-free cookbook and doing research about eating fat-free. My all-time favorite food to eat (french fries) became disgusting to me. When I stopped reading about what fat does to our bodies, french fries reappeared on my craving list. So…if I want to be creative, I study creativity. If I want to be spiritual, I study the scriptures. Etc. (Not rocket science, I know, but it’s what came to mind from your “stay hungry” prompt.)

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