Motivation’s Motive

Such a fleeting thing, motivation.flying-eagle1

When it is strong, we are on top of the world, free as a bird, nothing can stop us.

When it is weak, we become slugs, no initiative, no action.

How can we be like two opposite creatures, within a short period of time?  Within weeks, or days, or even hours?

It is because we are such superior creatures that we have the ability and power to change from one type to another by just using our mind.  And even though we don’t feel like it is true sometimes, we are the only ones who have control over our brains, our thoughts, and therefore our moods and feelings.  No one else can get inside our brain and ‘make’ us think or feel a certain way.

Just because something is difficult, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

slugTherefore, if motivation is a mood or feeling that helps us expand, create, do good things, and become an effective, competent, contributing creature, then we ought to practice, strive, and mentally work hard on cultivating and sustaining the mood of motivation.

What’s your motive for motivation?

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