Sunday (Day of Rest)

Well, I made it 11 days in a row, which I think is a pretty good start for any new habit.  They say it take 21 days for an official habit to form but I’m not sure how accurate that is.  There are probably a lot more variables involved.

I wanted to reserve the right to not post on Sunday for two reasons.  One, for religious reasons, Sunday should be different than all the others, and two, as a natural cycle of things, it’s good to take a break at least one day each week. 

With that being said, this post makes two Sunday’s in a row where I’ve said something.  But once I get my habit going, I might take a break on Sunday.  For me, it actually might be more appropriate to post about religious or faith-based themes on Sunday, but I’ve already posted previously about humility and faith, so I’m covered.

You can take a break too, if you choose.

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