I want to apologize for that last post.  After I read it today, I didn’t like it at all.

The main message was supposed to be that unexpected things happen and we shouldn’t complain about them.  Instead it came across like, “look at me, I’m so unselfish because I didn’t plan anything and everything went wrong.”  When in actuality, if I would have been more diligent in planning up front, taking the time to make sure everything was in place, anticipating possible risks and preparing back-up plans in case something might go wrong, I could have completed the job a lot quicker, or may have chosen to not even start the project and thereby avoiding the discomfort of my wife not having a kitchen sink for a couple of days, and not having hot water for a while. 

So it turns out that I was being more selfish and caused more inconvenience for others as a result of my so called ‘service project’.

Today’s lesson: take the time to do some thorough up front planning and risk mitigation before you start any project.

PS.  I may end up deleting these posts because I feel like I have drifted off topic and style for me.

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