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Well, they say if you do something every day for 21 days it becomes a habit.

I’ve done it… but I still don’t believe it.

Some days I’ve wanted to just throw in the towel and give up on the whole thing, but for some reason I just couldn’t let down both of my readers.  It has been difficult coming up with material every day, which I know now why most people don’t write every day.  But somehow, I’ve stuck with it, and sacrificed a lot of sleep.

Everyone has different motivators, things that drive them to accomplishment.  For this, I think mine was public declaration, even though ‘public’ probably meant only a handful of people, if that.  And I don’t even consider this much of a success, yet. 

But 21 days does seem like some kind of milestone.  So here I am, talking about it.

What’s your motivator?  Find out. Use it freely.  Let it run your life, in the way you want it to be run.


photo by ecstaticist


  1. Congrats!

  2. Thanks Paul.

    Now what?

  3. Way to go, Rex! Even if it’s once a week that’s more than last year.

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