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The Long Blog Tail

I know for a fact that there are a lot of talented musicians in the world that you have never heard of.

Like this guy for example.

By the same token, there are a lot of good blogs out there that some people may never see (like this one. The one you’re reading.)

So why not share a little and spread the knowledge of something good.

Here’s a good obscure blog that I found.  He has a great post with an interesting analogy for today’s financial situation.

(Okay, so he happens to be a friend at work.)

(Okay, so the musician happens to be my brother.)

How else would I find these things?

Oh yea, I suppose I could surf the net too.  But it doesn’t hurt to start with your world.

2 replies on “The Long Blog Tail”

Hey! We have one of Scott’s tapes. We oughta dig it out and listen to it.

I liked the casino analogy…and the optimism of your response. I’m just grateful we’re 39 and not 69.

Great, which one? I’d send you more recent ones, but some of his songs aren’t really ‘family friendly’. My kids haven’t even heard all of his stuff. I still think he has great tunes and of course is mega talented.

Yes, it’s easy for me to say that time will heal all wounds in the stock market when I still have time on my side. I guess that’s why they say to move your money to more stable investments when you get older. Which is probably really hard to do when the market is going gangbusters.

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