A little Jazz…


Sing Along

Nothing really worth listening to here, just me singing along to the radio, experimenting with how the sound will come out.

Now I know.

But I still can’t bring myself to delete it. (Although I should.)


Chord Test

Click on each of these files, one right after the other, so they are playing at the same time.

Just a goofy test.

It’s like a multi-track recording, except with really bad equipment.

It’s weird how the sound cuts out automatically after a couple of seconds.  It must be some kind of wordpress function, because I didn’t move or change my volume at all.

Just think what’s possible!


Unplanned Habit

When I say ‘my newsletter’, I’m referring to my Secret Message below.

I’m just experimenting with the tools so I know how they work.  I’m not going to spam you if you sign up.  In fact, if I send a newsletter, I’ll probably email you another way and ask if the newsletter worked.  We’ll learn this thing together.

Web sites

The Long Blog Tail

I know for a fact that there are a lot of talented musicians in the world that you have never heard of.

Like this guy for example.

By the same token, there are a lot of good blogs out there that some people may never see (like this one. The one you’re reading.)

So why not share a little and spread the knowledge of something good.

Here’s a good obscure blog that I found.  He has a great post with an interesting analogy for today’s financial situation.

(Okay, so he happens to be a friend at work.)

(Okay, so the musician happens to be my brother.)

How else would I find these things?

Oh yea, I suppose I could surf the net too.  But it doesn’t hurt to start with your world.