Everyone wants to hear my voice messages

Don’t you?

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4 replies on “Everyone wants to hear my voice messages”

Don’t! Stop! Don’t stop!

I’m not going to lie…Christian and I were laughing like crazy listening, and he only made it through the first couple minutes before we had to go somewhere. I am back and have stuck it out to the very end. I thought of you as I pulled over for a fire truck today…distracted blogging…hilarious!

Goofball, indeed.

Thanks Leslie. I am having fun. And I think it’s because I know at least 2 of you are listening.

Yes, it is kind of a challenge to blog and drive, and probably should be illegal, but that’s what makes it fun. Plus, it gives me a deadline, I have to finish before I get home.

Thanks so much for signing up for the newsletter! Did it work? You might need to be my guinea pig and let me know how it works.

Maybe it should be the Goofball newsletter.

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