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Category Archives: goofball

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Nothing really worth listening to here, just me singing along to the radio, experimenting with how the sound will come out.

Now I know.

But I still can’t bring myself to delete it. (Although I should.)

Click on each of these files, one right after the other, so they are playing at the same time.

Just a goofy test.

It’s like a multi-track recording, except with really bad equipment.

It’s weird how the sound cuts out automatically after a couple of seconds.  It must be some kind of wordpress function, because I didn’t move or change my volume at all.

Just think what’s possible!

When I say ‘my newsletter’, I’m referring to my Secret Message below.

I’m just experimenting with the tools so I know how they work.  I’m not going to spam you if you sign up.  In fact, if I send a newsletter, I’ll probably email you another way and ask if the newsletter worked.  We’ll learn this thing together.

Do you ever get those phone calls where someone accidentally called you while their cell phone is in their pocket, and you can hear them in the background, so you keep listening just to eavesdrop on their unknowingly recorded conversation?

Well, that’s what happened here.  I thought I hung up after my post.

So you hear my whole conversation with my daughter on our way home from school.  And in goofy Dad style I try to guess the names of the kids in her little after school activity.

I really should delete this (and I still may) but it is so unique that I just had to leave it. (for now.)

Enjoy!    (you voyeur)

Don’t you?

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