Disrupted… is the spice of life.

2 replies on “Disrupted… is the spice of life.”

I love observing Mr. Moms…it usually makes me realize I’m doing a dang good job. 🙂 Good luck with Mama gone!

You bet! I am definitely not cut out for this. I’ve left my kids waiting on the street corner twice already after school. This whole business of going from one place to another and being on time for each one just isn’t what I do well. Luckily, the kids are old enough to find some food and feed themselves. (Although Bodie has been having cereal for dinner. Well, that’s food isn’t it?)

One night we went to bed entirely too late, and paid the natural consequences for it the next morning. But I like natural consequences, they teach better lessons.

Overall, they’re probably having way too much fun because Dad is letting them get away with everything (well, not everything.) On the other hand, I think they’ll appreciate getting back into a normal routine with some discipline and structure back in their life when Mom returns.

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