Hey Joel!

Check out Joel’s site:

He’s good.

P.S. For some reason there was a technical glitch that caused my recording to post twice, back to back, so it appears twice as long.  Remember that when you’re watching the little bar to see how much time is left – when it gets halfway, I’m done.  And you’ll know it when you start to hear the whole thing over again.

4 replies on “Hey Joel!”

I am LOLing out loud. As in, out loud. Will I ever stop listening, after this? Hardly.

Please continue doing whatever you want, Rex. Keep making me laugh, eh?

Finding “why” makes “what” and “how” become clear. Just sayin’ . . .

That’s what it was!

I guess it wasn’t clear enough for me, which means there’s more ‘why’ for me to find.
I suppose I found a way to be my goofy self that might be something interesting enough for people to listen to.

I don’t know what happened with the system but it looks like it posted my recording twice. (Trust me, I didn’t say the same exact thing over again just for fun… although that sounds like an intriguing idea.)

And I think I was getting my stats mixed up with my other blog – – that’s the real popular one with 7 subscribers. This one only has 2.

Just think, you can say that you were in on the ground floor.

Oh no! I leave for a few weeks and look what happens. I guess a little listener competition isn’t a bad thing. 🙂

Seriously, my smartphone has been my blog-listening’s undoing. I check my mail and check up on my kids on FB through my phone so my blog-browsing time is few and far between.

That’s right, Leslie, you’ve lost your place as my number one listener. I now have another one.
Meaning, I have another listener. There are two of you now… sometimes.

Yes, I wish I could listen to these on my smart phone too, but I guess it’s not so smart.

Welcome back.

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