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P.S. For some reason there was a technical glitch that caused my recording to post twice, back to back, so it appears twice as long.  Remember that when you’re watching the little bar to see how much time is left – when it gets halfway, I’m done.  And you’ll know it when you start to hear the whole thing over again.

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The Thank You Economy

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If you haven’t heard about it, Seth Godin, one of my favorite authors, is on a mission to change the book publishing industry.  As someone who has written many books, he knows the industry, the players, and the forces involved, so he knows what trends are happening now to create an opportunity for a new model to emerge.

This new model is called The Domino Project.  And even though no one really knows exactly how it will work, you can bet that it will be remarkable because it has the genius of Seth Godin behind it.  

This is a new model for spreading ideas, because books are just the medium or the souveniors of the ideas.   He has a small team who is working with him on this project, but he is looking for more people to be messengers ‘on the street’ so to speak, to spread the word and work the ‘outposts’ of this effort.

If you want to be a part of this movement, apply here by Friday, January 28th at noon ET.

Otherwise, at least just subscribe to the newsletter so you can be in on what’s happening.

I think it’s a fascinating idea.  Seth knows what he’s doing.  So be on the lookout for changes coming to the business of spreading messages.

This was the title of a free seminar I attended today at my local public library.  They actually have some pretty good programs, you should check into yours.  Or better yet, volunteer to do your own workshop there, they’d love to have you.

Tonight’s seminar was presented by Debbie Lacy, a Life Coach.  She was excellent.  And even though I was the only male attending out of about 25 people (I wonder why) it was a great little boost to help me start achieving my goals.  She provided practical tools and a different perspective on accomplishing goals.

One of the things she had us do to help define our vision was to answer the following 4 questions, which was a slightly different approach than most.

  1. In my life it feels like it’s time to…
  2. I know it’s time because… (list signs/evidence you’ve noticed)
  3. What are the feelings/essences that you most want to experience in 2010?
  4. What could you have or do this year that would create those feelings and essences?  Try to narrow down to the two most important goals you’d like to achieve by the end of 2010.


I liked how she tried to help you frame your goals in a higher purpose.  Yeah, you want to accomplish X, but why?  What kind of feeling or essence are you ultimately after?

For instance, you might want to lose 50 pounds, but why? Is it to be healthier?  look better? fit into those old clothes?  With a more foundational purpose, you might find that the specific goal you’ve chosen may not be the best avenue to get you what you really want.  This also helps you to be flexible and change your goals during the year if different opportunities come along.

The first two ‘finish the sentence’ questions help you to have confidence in what you know.  She said “It’s important to know why you know what you know.”  That almost sounds like a bad joke, but it’s true.  If we can recognize the signs or evidences in our life of why we know things deep down, then that will help us not to second guess ourselves for the decisions we make. 

The bottom line is, do you trust yourself?  If you can build the skills to trust yourself, then you will accomplish your goals. 

I believe that statement because usually the reasons we don’t accomplish our goals is because we fall back into our old patterns, we make up lame excuses, or we don’t believe we can do it.

Debbie also shared some other good techniques that I might tell you about later.

What are your favorite tactics for accomplishing goals?

Well, he’s done it again.  Seth Godin has unleashed an idea virus.

People like him have tremendous clout and power because so many people follow his every move.  But he also is able to utilize his power effectively because he doesn’t abuse it.  He doesn’t ask people to do things very often.  Most of the time he is giving out things, like wisdom, helpful hints, big ideas, links to others’ big ideas, sharing stories of amazing people, and so on.  This builds his respect and increases the number of followers.

Then, when he decides to make a real splash, he launches a request to his fans, which then become his army.

Except this time, he’s not just promoting his own book , but he’s using a multiplier of 70 major thinkers who have huge followings themselves, to promote his book and to promote their material.

He has brought them all together to publish a free e-book called “What Matters Now” and has asked everyone to spread it, tweet it, blog about it, and share it (oh yeah, and read it.)

Seth has found a way to tap into millions of people by collaborating with many leaders.

Yeah, it may look like I’m just a follower, but there is so much to learn here.  And his message is that every one of us can be a leader.  That feels good.

So what are you waiting for?

Download the free .pdf: what-matters-now