There’s Always Tomorrow…

3 replies on “There’s Always Tomorrow…”

Having an accountability partner helps. Being accountable to me is pretty pointless, because I’m easy to ignore. But when someone else is depending on me, I try harder to deliver. But I have to genuinely feel responsible to that person; if I can blow them off as easily as I ignore myself, that doesn’t help.

Find someone who’ll allow you to suffer the emotional consequences of missing your goal. They don’t have to beat you up; that’s no good. But they also can’t be all “Oh, don’t worry about it; I’m sure you’ll try harder next time” because, well, you won’t, if that’s all the support you get.

Appreciate your advice, Joel. I can see that working, and the detailed difference is important. I suppose throwing money into the equation helps the responsibility part.

I wish I had some sage advice, but I got nothin. Fortunately Joel is up to the task.

I really enjoyed the giggles you shared in this post…and now I think I’m going to have an apple.

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