What’s it worth?

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A lot of the reasons in that article depend much on your personality. Some folks shouldn’t choose self-employment, true.

But the vacation thing? Tell me: how many extra hours and extra stress does the vacation cost in the weeks before and after? I used to put in about 20 hours overtime in the week before a vacation, and another 20 in the week afterward. Salaried, of course. Oh; look; 40 hours of free overtime in order to take my 40 hour vacation.

Smart entrepreneurs still take vacations. Smart entrepreneurs are also bootstrappers, letting Boeing pick up the tab for their lifestyle while they build A Little Something on the Side. (Do you have Seth’s “Bootstrapper’s Bible” ?)

Good points Joel. I was kind of just spouting off without thinking too much about who would be listening. Then, at the very end, I remembered that out of both of my listeners, you would be one of them, and I suddenly felt bad that I might have offended you. I was seriously considering just deleting the whole thing (because you can’t really edit parts of it) but then my newest reader (and second cousin) Marshall posted that pep talk in response, so I couldn’t mess with what was already posted or the whole system would have collapsed.

Thanks for being tolerant. I’m glad you like my telling.

You’re right, I’m sure smart entrepreneurs know how to take care of things. Views of the other side can always be distorted through the dirty window of your own house.

I’ll definitely need to get the Bootstrapper’s Bible. That’s one I don’t have yet.

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